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Expertise & Team

Reach Innovation EU-GR, a subsidiary of REACH Innovation (REACH-AT), is a SME that expands the mission of REACH-AT in Europe, supporting international research and development projects, supplying competent and efficient services to sustain projects from Management to Quality Assurance, Dissemination and Exploitation Management.

REACH Innovation EU-GR aims at enhancing the market-readiness of REACH Innovation in Europe as well as bringing regional and national opportunities to the partnership business model. With direct coaching from REACH-AT, REACH Innovation EU-GR is already able to provide competence on the services offered, counting with high qualification and expertise of its supporting team.

REACH Innovation EU-GR specifically aims at sustaining people and ideas in a capillar way, tied to the territory, sourcing local strengths and responding to local needs. In this respect, REACH Innovation EU-GR has a strong commitment in education and training via e-learning, and to include the sustainability in use of environmental goods and services as cross-cutting topic in consultancy activities.

At the same time, as part of REACH Innovation, the Greek subsidiary will keep targeting international standards and undertake actions within an European vision.

Due to their individual legal nature, REACH-GR and REACH-AT are both partners in project consortia, sharing the same company goals, but having in the project different and complementary roles and tasks.

Furthemore, REACH Innovation EU-GR is also orientated in organising seminars inland and abroad regarding the EU-funding proposal preparation and application procedures.

Pool of Experts: REACH Innovation EU-GR counts with a pool of highly qualified experts to cover specific areas of knowledge and application to be evaluated. All of them are experienced in cooperating with international projects and in evaluating project proposals for the EC, guaranteeing knowledge-trust, confidence and quality in the assessments given.

The communication with the experts is done in a transparent way during an evaluation service. All experts are aware of the confidentiality needed for evaluating project proposals and they make rigorous agreements with REACH Innovation EU-GR for non-disclosure of project ideas in any form or circumstances.

If you are interested in joining REACH's Innovation EU-GR Pool of Experts, you are welcome to contact us in order to submit to us your qualifications and expertise description.

REACH Innovation EU-GR Board & Supporting Team:

Business Management & CEO

L&D Consultant

I.T. Development Consultant

REACH Headquarters in Austria

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