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REACH Innovation

REACH focuses on delivering high-qualified services to companies and individuals, who are seeking for innovation development cooperation in international projects, as well as for support in finding the appropriate project funding opportunity.

Reach Consultancy Greece

REACH's services are offered starting from the co-elaboration of international project proposals, reaching out to the assessment of the project's innovation and market impacts, results' intellectual property defintion, as well as its communication, dissemination and exploitation engagements and activities. Main focus is given to projects funded by the European Commission (EC) under the Horizon 2020: "The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Check the description of our services for more details.

REACH Innovation EU-GR counts with experienced and complementarily-qualified board of directors and supporting team, with expertise in EU project proposals’ evaluations and projects’ reviews; in research and development (in various areas including ICT, Energy, Environmental and Urban Planning, International Marketing, etc.); European Business Market; Clients & Resources Management; Business Strategic Planning; Innovation and Marketing Solutions; Digital Data; Web-media Content Management; Project Dissemination and Communication; and Project Management.

Why REACH Innovation EU-GR

Reach Innovation EU-GR, a subsidiary of REACH Innovation (REACH-AT), is a SME that expands the mission of REACH-AT in Europe, supporting international research and development projects, supplying competent and efficient services to sustain projects from Management to Quality Assurance, Dissemination and Exploitation Management.

REACH Innovation EU-GR aims at enhancing the market-readiness of REACH Innovation in Europe as well as bringing regional and national opportunities to the partnership business model. With direct coaching from REACH-AT, REACH Innovation EU-GR is already able to provide competence on the services offered, counting with high qualification and expertise of its supporting team.

REACH Innovation EU-GR specifically aims at sustaining people and ideas in a capillar way, tied to the territory, sourcing local strengths and responding to local needs. In this respect, REACH Innovation EU-GR has a strong commitment in education and training via e-learning, and to include the sustainability in use of environmental goods and services as cross-cutting topic in consultancy activities.

At the same time, as part of REACH Innovation, the Greek subsidiary will keep targeting international standards and undertake actions within an European vision.

Experience & Service Variety: REACH supports not only international projects in technical and innovation development aspects, since proposals preparation, but also on-going projects to be efficiently coordinated, managed, disseminated and exploited throughout their life-time and beyond. Deliverables quality-checks and technical support on specific ICT topics are also part of our offered services.

Pool of Highly Qualified Experts: REACH profits from a pool of highly experienced and qualified experts to cover specific areas of knowledge and application to be evaluated. Knowledge-trust, confidence and quality in the assessments given are fully guaranteed.

Reliable Network of Partners: REACH counts with a network of research and industrial contacts to be suggested as potential partners for project consortia, in order to fulfil the specific projects' requirements of operational capacity.

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